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Co-founder of Dryftwell

We are launching our company, Dryftwell, this month in Austin, TX!

Our product provides personalized recommendations (like cocktail bars, hiking trails, history museums, etc ) from a local for your upcoming trip.

We are a mobile-first company and our app is very photo-centric. Each recommendation has 5+ photos on the details page so the user can get a good sense of the vibe. So, for us, while we are still in beta, I spent a bit of extra time looking into the best way to handle images.

The photos are uploaded in our React web-based app by locals. The images…

There are so many ways to build a company website. It can be fairly overwhelming. Do you build from scratch (e.g. using React)? Or do you use a full landing page builder?

As an engineer, we are inclined to build everything from scratch to have full control over the UI + data. The downside of this when you are building a company is that you, if you are a technical co-founder or early technical hire, the majority of your focus should be on building the product, not the website.

The goal of the website is for customers to clearly understand…

Hi my name is Kelsey and I’m the co-founder of Dryftwell — a mobile-first company with a vision to make it effortless and fun for people to explore the world in a way that excites them. We’ve set out to build a one-of-a-kind iOS app that will give travelers curated recommendations from locals (and eventually algorithms) that are unique to them and their travel style.

My co-founder and I are working on building the product now. It’s been challenging to find content geared towards technical founders who are navigating the journey of building a company. This medium series will be content from my learnings and decisions as we build our MVP and launch our beta in Austin, TX this summer.

Thanks for reading and hope it’s useful.


Kelsey Pedersen

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